Monday, 9 April 2012

Pearls of Wisdom

Did your Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, other relative or friend teach you her sewing skills?
Perhaps you remember a certain wonderful wise mantra of theirs, or maybe the advice of an early Quilting Teacher still rings in your head, each time you sit down to create.

"Use Your Empty Time"....this gem of information, written in a 1991 Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts, still resonates.
It referred to having a "pick up and go bag" of pre-prepared handwork, thus turning those Dr's Waiting Room periods into patchwork time. Then there are the hours that soon add up for Mum's at School Gates. There's also travelling time: work / holiday or visiting, and even at home "Empty Time" can be found, with snatches of productive moments being grabbed between other duties.
Using lengthier home quilting periods to prepare fabric and blocks, cutting out, threading needles, and updating the Grab Bag, will pay off ....... as you race out the door.

To celebrate The Guild's 30th Anniversary, a collection of wise words, hints and tips that you've discovered have been helpful on your quilting journey, will be collated and published.

Please send these helpful suggestions, with your name attached, to the Guild Office, or give them to Meg Orr at the General Meetings.

We'd love to know your "Pearls"!

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