Saturday, 1 November 2014

Quilt Study Group of NSW

Saturday 8th November 2014 QSG of NSW talk by Brenda Gael Smith

On Saturday the 8th of November, noted contemporary textile artist Brenda Gael Smith will give a talk for the Quilt Study Group of NSW about the useful tools, skills and resources she has discovered that have helped her in her quilting practice.

Brenda's talk will range from digital photography to setting up an online presence, time management and exhibition planning. Brenda's work with the international Twelve by Twelve group and her most recent work curating The Living Colour! Exhibition (which is currently touring Australia and New Zealand and will go to USA next year) has provided her with extensive experience and advice that we can all benefit from.

Brenda's latest blog entry for this talk can be viewed at -

The talk will be given at the new QSG of NSW venue - The Glover Cottages at 124 Kent Street, Millers Point, Sydney.

Please bring along any quilts you have made or are making that have involved the use of technical resources such as digital photography, quilting or graphical software and share them with us. And be prepared to share your tips or tricks in this area so everyone can benefit.

Friday, 31 October 2014

November 2014 Friday Showcase

PLEASE NOTE : Since the last Template was Published, the Guest Speaker for November Friday Showcase has changed.

 This month we will be welcoming Veronica Appleyard to the Guild Office to share her Quilting Story.

A member of The Campbelltown Quilters Guild, she is never the less a relative newcomer to the Quilting world.
Veronica was smitten by the bug in 2006, and has since gone from strength to strength as a business woman in this industry.
Her initial foray was with Machine Quilting for customers, however the business has now grown into a online Kit and BOM facility named "Appleyard Cottage" being run from her home in Minto, South Western Sydney.  

Date : Friday November 7
Time : 10am start
Venue : Guild Office 

All Welcome.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Incoming 2015 Committee update.

The choice of Stitch Bar in Sydney's CBD was inspirational for an initial social gathering of the newly elected committee of The Quilters' Guild of NSW Inc.
Surrounded by rows and rows of old treadles bolted to walls, exotic wall art and dress pattern wallpaper, and tempted by a flamboyant cocktails menu, the President Linda Butcher and Vice President Amanda Daly ensured that the fresh Office holders felt like this was the start of a new adventure and that all would be inspired to move the guild forward within the Australian quilting fraternity.
There is a large turnover of personel this year, all coming to to their positions with a wide range of skills, both creative and organisational.
Congratulations to all elected members upon accepting the challenge to administrate this busy and flourishing guild.

President                        Linda Butcher
Vice President               Amanda Daly
Treasurer                       Megan Manwaring
Secretary                       Di Tramontana 
Exhibition Secretary       Sandra Harvey 
Meeting Co-ordinator      Salley Govey
Membership                  Sue Rowles
Minute Secretary           Robin Allan 
Template Editor             Michelle Jacobs
Publicity / Sponsorship   Robyn Shipton

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Australian Quilt Convention : Bookings Open Tuesday

Class bookings for the 11th Australasian Quilt Convention open next Tuesday, 28 October at 10am Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Information can be found on the AQC Website regarding Tutors and Classes.
There is an extremely interesting line up of creative Australian and International tutors booked to help everyone broaden their textile horizons.

These Workshops book out early, so please plan your trip today.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Brief Report : October AGM

Some of the Retiring Committee being thanked.
A visual feast of all things "Red & White", due to the organisational skills of Robyn Shipton, greeted those members on Saturday who attended the 2014 AGM of The Quilters' Guild of NSW Inc.
President Linda Butcher was in charge of thanking retiring members of the Committee for their years of volunteering, and then welcoming the newly elected members.
Incoming Committee
Over 30 Broken Wheel BOQ blocks were received and "won" by Dorothy Masterton from Copacabana. These should ensure that a fabulous quilt will be entered into the 2015 Red & White Challenge
Margaret Sampson George, the "Maestro of Medallions" delighted all attendees with a talk about her quilting in Sydney from the early 70's, and the influences that overseas postings have had on her appreciation of colour and design. She is a force in the teaching world and continues to encourage others to seek a reflection of their own stories in their quilts.

More than 40 'Mini Modern' Challenge Quilts were  displayed for the first time and winners announced. All details will be in the November Edition of The Template. However, next year's Title Theme was announced : "Colour Collision"
Challenge Quilt Judges, Deborah Laurie and Bob James being thanked by President Linda Butcher 

Early details of next year's "Away" meeting were announced.
Firstly there is a name change to "Country Meeting" so as not to be confused with the annual "Retreat" weekend.  
March 20-22nd 2015 are the dates and the destination is Tuncurry Forster.
There will be a presentation on "What Judges look for in an Award Winning quilt" and the Guest Speaker will be Textile Artist, Jan Irvine - Nealie.
Further details will be available in the November issue of The Template and Template Free (Guild Blog) however please be advised that there is a booking form Closing Date of December 12. 

A call was made for Crib and Bassinet quilts to be made for young patients in the Palliative Care unit of The Childrens' Hospital, Randwick. Boys, Girls and Unisex themes for the Under 5's are all needed, and a Guild co-ordinator has been appointed. Please phone the Guild Office for more details.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

2015 Tasmanian Art Quilt Prize

A collaborative program between the Tasmanian Quilting Guild & the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery.
The Tasmanian Art Quilt Prize Exhibition will be held at Narryna House , Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, at Battery Point in Hobart from the 6th until the 22nd November, 2015. ‘Narryna ‘ is a beautiful historic home that has a wonderful collection of antique textiles: quilts, clothing, toys, embroideries , linens and samplers.

At first glance the theme may seem to focus on women in history but it is an ambiguous statement that may reflect stories in the modern world from a male or female perspective. The theme may be interpreted in many different ways.
The Tasmanian Art Quilt Prize is open to textile artists across Australia. This biennial exhibition aims to promote best practice in art quilting and encourage experimentation by presenting new and exciting textile art.

Entrants are sought nationally. The judging panel will draw up a shortlist from the images and the documentation supplied. The judging panel considers all entries and selects the artists who will be invited to present quilts for the final exhibition. All entrants will be notified of the first round of judging results by Monday 21st September, 2015. Information about your selection will not be available before this date. The judging panel may decide that no prize is to be awarded if the work is not of a required standard, or, if in its judgment, other factors necessitate this action. The judging panel’s decision is final at all stages of judging and no correspondence will be entered into regarding these decisions.

Entrants must submit quilts in accordance with the terms and conditions. 
      Quilts may be any shape. Maximum height‐ 1.5 metres. Maximum width ‐ 1.5 metres

Nominated quilts must have been completed in 2014/15 Entries must be received before 5pm on the closing date Friday 31st July, 2015. Entries must be accompanied by an entry fee of $30.00

The website of The Tasmanian Quilters Guild will have more information soon, alternatively, please email or phone (03) 63763771 for Terms and Conditions and an Entry Form to be sent.

Monday, 13 October 2014

No need to dress as Santa Claus . . .

. . . . however . .
The Committee of The Quilters Guild of NSW Inc invite all members to wear Red and White attire this Saturday at the AGM.

The whole day will be a Red and White theme, as interest mounts for the

  2015 Red and White Challenge.

This fabulous quilt is instantly recognised as one fitting into the requirements of next year's Challenge, but are those fabrics really "red"?
Peruse the following fabric samples and identify the red ones:
Made your Choice?
Actually, there is only one Red (with white or cream) fabric in the 30 examples above.
Every other fabric includes pinks, oranges, greens, yellows, blues and/or black.

Some inclusions are obvious and the fabric will never "read" as red, others, from a distance aren't so easily discerned.

Members are invited to bring their fabrics to the AGM. 
Once held up to the audience from afar, it will become more obvious which examples will fit into the following guidelines:

"Red and White - Check it Out"  White can be off-white, to cream. A wide range of reds will be accepted.
"If in Doubt - Leave it Out"  If you want to use a print with other colours it should still read as red. So if you're in doubt, leave it out.

Date : Saturday 18 October
Programme : 
                    11 am : Annual General Meeting
                      1 pm : General Meeting
Venue : "The Dome",
               Burwood RSL, 
               Shaftsbury Rd, Burwood.