Friday, 24 September 2010

Cherrybrook Quilters Exhibition: 25 & 26 September

Cherrybrook Quilters Inc will be holding an exhibition of members quilts.  This will be a showcase of outstanding quilts featuring works by some of Australia’s leading quilters, as well as a display of many other handmade items including glorious embroidery, cross stitch, furnishing items and toys. All proceeds from the exhibition, including the Raffle Quilt, will be donated to ovarian cancer research. Come and be inspired to stitch!
When: Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 September
Time: 10am – 4pm. Admission : $6.00
Where:  Cherrybrook Uniting Church hall, New Line Road, Cherrybrook (opposite Cherrybrook Public School).          
Enquiries: Anne Curry 0407 407 561

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Stitch +Stitch=Magic Exhibition: 14-26 September

Guild members Cathy Jack Coupland and Carolyn Sullivan each have a contemporary quilt on display in the Stitch +Stitch=Magic exhibition at Craft NSW, 104 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney from 14-26 September.  The gallery is open 7 days, 9.30am- 5.30pm

Monday, 13 September 2010

Guild Committee Opportunities: 2010/2011

This is your opportunity as a member to contribute to the Guild's policy, operations and success through nominating for a position on the Quilters' Guild Committee or as a coordinator of a sub-committee Each year all committee and sub-committee coordinator positions fall vacant however the incumbents in the following committee positions will not be re-nominating due to having served the maximum three year term on the committee or due to changes in their lives:

  • Vice President
  • Membership Secretary
  • Sponsorship & Publicity
Please take time to read the information about each position and consider nominating. All committee or sub-committee positions can be challenged. A vote will be taken should two or more members nominate. The closing date for nominations is 1 October 2010. (The AGM is on 16 October 2010 at Burwood.)  Download a nomination form.

  • Assist and deputise for the President when necessary
  • Arrange Workshops or Special Lectures as opportunities arise and promote such activities in the Template
  • Manage the Scholarship Program
  • Host the social part of the Guild bi-monthly meetings
  • Attend Judging Day and set-up day of the Annual Quilt Show (if available)
  • Be available for duty at the Quilt Show
  • Prepare quarterly reports for the Template

  • Seek Sponsors for Sydney Quilt Show
  • Liaise with President and Exhibition Sub committee to create Quilt Show categories and allocate sponsorship appropriately
  • Prepare full documentation (spread sheet) when Show sponsorship finalised
  • Prepare all prizes for presentation at the show and ensure distribution to the winners
  • Seek door prizes for general meetings
  • Keep comprehensive and complete records of Sponsor contacts and logos.
  • Attend Judging Day and set-up day of the Annual Quilt Show (if available)
  • Be available for duty at the Quilt Show
  • Seek publicity and advertisers for the Guild
  • Liaise with Template Editor and Treasurer to provide advertising and invoicing information for the Template
  • Prepare press releases for the Guild as required 
  • Keep all members records updated
  • Print Labels for envelopes every three months for Template to be sent and make sure labels are on envelopes.
  • Make sure Membership List is kept updated in Office
  • Send Information Letters and Templates to all new Members
  • Keep filing under control
  • Attend all Committee Meetings and Burwood Meetings and be organised to give report
  • Keep the week of the quilt show clear as with the Office Manager you are responsible to run the Membership Desk
  • Also be available to help with Quilt Show Judging Day, Set up Day and the Take Down.

    Saturday, 11 September 2010

    Report on April Hexie Madness QSG event

    The Quilt Study Group of NSW (a sub-committee of The Quilters’ Guild of NSW Inc.) held their April meeting at The Powerhouse Museum on Saturday April 24th 2010. All members of the Guild are welcome to attend and there are no longer additional fees. 
    This event titled “Hexie Madness” was designed as a giant ‘Show and Tell’ featuring hexagon quilts in all shapes and sizes. Members were asked to bring and talk about their hexagon quilts. The turn out was most impressive with over 40 participants and many, many more quilts. Brigitte Giblin (who has been a previous guest speaker for the Sydney Quilt Study Group) was unable to attend but kindly sent 4 of her recent quilts plus a number of quilts by her students. They all feature hexagons, some in conjunction with appliqué and other paper piecing designs.

    Jennifer Corkish brought a number of her quilts, again incorporating hexagons within the design and she even had a few new and unfinished designs for students to anticipate making in future classes. A number of her students also brought along their hexie quilts made in Jennifer’s classes.  

    Pam Curtis could not attend but generously sent her prize winning hexie quilts for us to look at.

    Daphne Massie brought the first block in her project to replicate an old quilt found by her daughter; hopefully she will bring more blocks to future meetings.
    The highlight of the show was the quilt made by Nolene McGuran which won Best of Show at the Quilters’ Guild of NSW Inc. quilt show some years ago. Unfortunately we did have any quilt stands so we couldn’t show this masterpiece of design to its fullest potential but at the end we laid it out on the floor so everyone could get a good look.

    At the end of the meeting the room was ringed with tables piled high with hexie quilts. I was so busy running around I didn’t get the chance to count them or to get the names of many of the makers - my apologies. Most of the members of the audience were fans of “Hexie” quilts, and those who weren’t left the meeting as converts. For example, on a recent Guild bus trip to Wagga Wagga, Margy Syrette was surrounded by quilters making hexagons of various sizes so she decided to try her hand at doing some. She was delighted to present her completed quilt.
    There was so much to inspire us with the variety of design and fabric. It was a great day. Thank you to all who came along for bringing along your hexie masterpieces and helping publicise this most wonderful madness! Sandra Lyons.

    Monday, 6 September 2010

    Art to Wear 2011: Twitchers all of a twitter - Aussie Bird

    Art to Wear is a juried exhibition of wearable art presented by The Quilters' Guild of NSW as part of the annual members' exhibition at the Sydney Quilt Show. The theme for 2011 is "Twitchers all of a twitter -- Aussie Bird" which features the colours (again of Australia)of our Rainbow Lorikeet. The designated palette is Greens 70%, Blues 15% Yellow 5% Red 5% your choice 5%” (ref ‘What Bird Is That’ page 422 Rainbow Lorikeet).

    Entries are open to individual Guild members. The closing date for entries is 21 December 2010. Download: