Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Sydney Quilt Show 2019: Gold and Principal Sponsors

QuiltNSW presents Sydney Quilt Show 2019 with exceptional support from Principal Sponsors Expertise Events and BERNINA Australia and the GOLD SPONSORS listed below. Their generosity and enthusiasm are much appreciated. Please support them in return.

Principal Sponsors

Expertise Events                 BERNINA

Gold Sponsors

Artnquilting     Cottage Quilt Works  

Dayview Textiles  Hobbysew

Homespun  Horn Lloyd Curzon  
Matilda's Own Minijumbuk Nu-Wool Wadding  Quilters Companion

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Monday, 17 June 2019

Sydney Quilt Show 2019 Catalogue

The Sydney Quilt Show 2019, in conjunction with the Craft & Quilt Fair,  opens on Wednesday 19 June at the International Convention Centre Sydney at Darling Harbour and runs for five days to Sunday 23 June. Opening hour are 9am-4.30pm.

The awards ceremony is at 1pm on Wednesday 19 June with the BERNINA Best of Show announcement live streamed on the QuiltNSW Facebook page. A gallery of prize winning quilts will be published after that.

A printed catalogue will be available at the show that includes sponsor information; title, size and category information, description and third party design source information for each quilt entry; Catherine Butterworth and Brenda Gael Smith special exhibit details; a layout diagram and other information. The PDF version of the catalogue is available for download NOW.

Download: SydneyQuilt Show 2019 Catalogue (3.4MB PDF)

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Sydney Quilt Show 2019: Special Exhibitor Catherine Butterworth

Join special exhibitor Catherine Butterworth for her daily floor talk at 12 noon at the Sydney Quilt Show 19-23 June 2019.

Born and raised in the state of Ohio in the USA, Catherine comes from a family of seamstresses and quilt makers. As a trained Fashion Teacher and owner of The Fabric Shop in Chatswood, NSW for 28 years, Catherine has extensive experience and knowledge of fabrics.

Since retiring in 2005 Catherine has concentrated on her quiltmaking resulting in numerous awards both in Australia and overseas. In quiltmaking Catherine is known for her use of colour, her stunning fabric choices, her signature fussy cutting, her precise piecing and her overall attention to detail.

Follow Catherine at:

Sydney Quilt Show 2019: Silver Sponsors

Thank you to the Silver Sponsors of the Sydney Quilt Show 2019. Their generosity and support are much appreciated. Please support them in return.

Silver Sponsors

Accuquilt  Batik Oetero 

Caroline Sharkey Textile Retreats Down Patchwork Lane 

  Fabric Garden Eppiflex  


  Misty Threads    Mist Mountain Getaway   My Sewing Supplies

 Olfa  Patchwork on Pittwater

 PK Fabrics Quiltmania-edition    Sew Can I 

Friday, 14 June 2019

Sydney Quilt Show 2019: Activity Centre

The Activity Centre will be operating during the Sydney Quilt Show 2019 from 10am – 4pm Thursday to Sunday 20-23 June. This year we will have multiple areas showcasing many facets of quilt making:

  • Participate in the making of the Arterie Chris O’Brien Lifehouse blue and white hexagon quilt. 

  • Respond to the question #whyiquilt and watch a new quilt grow over the duration of the show. Simply write a reason you quilt on a fabric swatch and attach it to the base cloth, which will be on display. At the conclusion of the show, we will make the completed top into a quilt that will be used at future QuiltNSW events. 

  • QuiltNSW members will also be on hand to share the projects they are currently working on, both hand and machine.
  • Community Quilts will be focusing on the assembly, quilting and binding of the quilts they make for others. 

  • The Tresillian Centenary Quilt will be on display with information on its making and the designers,  Julie Kennedy and Cath Babidge, will be giving floor talks at 2.30pm

A hands-on quilt making area for everyone so plan your visit now.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Sydney Quilt Show 2019: Bronze Sponsors

Thank you to the Bronze Sponsors of the Sydney Quilt Show 2019. Their generosity and support are much appreciated. Please support them in return.

Bronze Sponsors

Sydney Quilt Show 2019: Special Exhibitor Brenda Gael Smith

Join special exhibitor Brenda Gael Smith at the Sydney Quilt Show 2019 (19-23 June) for her artist floor talk, daily at 11am where she shares a selection of her artwork including her 2018 Monthly Art Project - Taking Shape: Cues from Nature.

You will also find Brenda working on a project in the QuiltNSW Activity Centre from 1-3pm on Friday 21 June  and Sunday 23 June. Do stop by and say hello!

Brenda Gael Smith, Copacabana, NSW

Artist, teacher, curator, author, judge, mentor

Brenda Gael Smith creates textile paintings and sketches made from a rich palette of her hand-dyed fabrics complemented by extensive, textural stitching. Much of her work is inspired by the colour and patterns of the natural world. Using a process of abstraction, she captures the essence of her subjects in simplified form. Working improvisationally, she refines line, shape, colour and texture to evoke a sense of place, express an idea, highlight an issue or elicit an emotional response.

Daily walks are a creative habit integral to Brenda's studio practice. By closely observing her surroundings, and taking hundreds of photos, she has a bountiful inspiration bank that informs her work. From the dye pot, to the design wall, to the sewing machine, she also embraces the serendipity factor.

Follow Brenda at:

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Sydney Quilt Show 2019: Social Media & Photography

Follow the colour and excitement of the Sydney Quilt Show 2019 on social media at:

Help us promote the show by sharing the selection of Promotional Images & Buttons available for download from the QuiltNSW website.

Photography Policy Reminder

If you are attending the show, you are welcome to photograph the quilts in the show for personal use and to post images online or in social media provided you acknowledge the quiltmaker(s) and, if applicable, the designer of the quilt. It's easy to do - all the details are on the quilt tags! Many quilt labels also include social media details so that you can directly link to the maker's website, blog, Facebook or Instagram profiles.

If you share images of quilts in social media, help us generate interest in the show by tagging your photos with the key hashtags: #sydneyquiltshow, #quiltnsw  #whyiquilt and #craftandquiltfair.

Other useful hashtags include: #quiltcommunity #quiltingcommunity #quiltnswmembers #patchworkpassion #handsonquilting #sydneyquiltshow2019 #craftandquiltfairsydney