Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Introduction of New Quilt Show Category?

As part of our review of Quilt Show 2007 and preparation for next year's show, the quilt show subcommittee has been asked to consider the introduction of a new open specialised category as follows:

Embroidered quilts made using designs created for computerized embroidery systems. Use original, digitized design cards or discs. Computer embroidery design software may also be used. Entrant will need to document on entry form source of designs and/or their degree of manipulation. Embroidery must cover more than 25% of quilt surface.Minimum size 150 x 150cm Maximum size 290 x 290 cm

Please e-mail your support or other feedback on this proposal to the Exhibition Secretary. (Note that quilts incorporating hooped embroidery may currently be entered into a number of general amateur and professional categories including: traditional quilt, small or wall quilt and mixed techniques.)

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