Monday, 22 October 2007

A Little Housekeeping

As a general housekeeping and spam reduction measure, the "enquiries" and "admin" Guild e-mail addresses are being phased out and have been consolidated into a NEW office e-mail address as shown below. Please update your records accordingly:

As a further attempt to reduce junk e-mails, this e-mail listing has not been hotlinked. Please type the relevant e-mail address onto your computer.

The Office Manager also highlights the following matters:
  • Guild office e-mails are checked regularly but not every day. If a matter requires urgent attention or a fast response, it is preferable for you to telephone the office on (02) 9283 3737;

  • email may be answered by different people during the course of a week. It would help our office volunteers if you could give a little more information about who your contact is and the subject of the email; and

  • if requesting forms or information please include a postal address, as not all the forms are available to the office volunteers as attachments for email. (You might also first check the "Forms to Download" section in the side bar of this blog.)

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