Tuesday, 27 November 2007

First Blog Anniversary

This week marks the first anniversary since this Guild blog was officially launched.

As you will see from the counter at the bottom of the sidebar, the blog has had over 10,000 visitors in that time. As far as we know, this is the first and only blog by a major Australian quilting guild. The Committee hopes that members (and prospective members!) have found the blog a valuable resource to catch up on all the latest Guild happenings and other quilting related events. To ensure that you don't miss out, we encourage you to electronically subscribe to blog updates by either of these methods:

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If you subscribe with Bloglines, this allows you to set up a list of your favourite blogs on your computer. Then you can simply go to the list to see if a new article has been added to any of the blogs. This is much more efficient than manually checking the blogs one by one and means that you can quickly get back to quilting or other activities:-)

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Comment moderation has been set up on this blog which means any comments will be reviewed and approved before they show up but most messages are cleared promptly. While we have received only a handful of comments in the first year, we hope that more comments will be made in 2008 as this is all part of the fun of blogging and blog reading. Alternatively, if you have a news item that you think might be suitable for posting on the blog, you can e-mail details to the Guild Webmaster.

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