Sunday, 20 January 2008

Attention Long Arm Machine Quilters!

Thanks to generous sponsorship from Matilda's Own, who is providing a prize of $1000 in value of wadding products, a new Excellence in Long Arm Machine Quilting Award will be introduced for the Sydney Quilt Show 2008.

Entrants who wish to be considered for this special, over-arching award must tick "Yes" in the relevant section of the entry form:

It is anticipated that most, but not necessarily all, entrants that nominate for this award will be be in the machine quilting business and this is an excellent opportunity for longarm quilters to showcase their skills. Quilt show entry forms will be posted out to members later in the month, in the meantime, you will find a list of categories on the Guild website to assist you in planning your entry. (Please note that as special awards are given to individual entrants, client quilts entered in the Commercially Machine Quilted Quilt categorie, Categories 5 and 11, are NOT eligible for the Excellence in Long Arm Machine Quilting Award.)

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