Thursday, 17 April 2008

QS2008 Guest Exhibitor: Kim McLean

Award winning quiltmaker Kim McLean is this year's guest exhibitor at the Sydney Quilt Show. Seventeen of her stunning large quilts will be on display including two Sydney Best of Show quilts from the early 1990s, A Tisket A Tasket, Fill up Casey's Basket (1991) and Casey, Santa, the Beach, It must be Christmas (1992) together with Houston prize winners Hexagon Stars and, Turkish Tiles. Each of these four quilts has graced the cover of Quilters' Newsletter Magazine so viewers are in for a real treat.

After a seven year quilting hiatus, Kim started making combined applique and pieced quilts again in the early 2000s. While her early quilts were made from reproduction fabrics, more recently Kim has been using contemporary fabrics. Princess Feathers (pictured) features bright Kaffe Fassett fabrics is a masterful example of a modern quilt made in keeping with the spirit of antique quilts. Be sure to come and look at the quilts in person.

Princess Feathers ©2007 Kim McLean
See the Guild Website for details of other feature displays at the Sydney Quilt Show 2008.


Angelines Artero said...

beautiful works, could you put a translator in your blog? Regards from Spain

Jill m Smith said...

Your work is stunning. Keep up the hard work. I appreciate it greatly.