Thursday, 25 September 2008

Fibonacci Workshop: 19 October

Amanda discovered Fibonacci number sequencing and the golden rectangle a few years ago and was immediately fascinated. Photographers, architects and artists use it to create good proportion and balance in their work and it's a great tool for quilt designers.

After much research Amanda now bases most of her quilt design on this very easy system. She says she is mathematically challenged but it's easy to understand how using this simple number sequence can help create better harmony and balance within a quilt.

Whether you like traditional or contemporary quilts, Fibonacci number sequencing will make a positive difference to your quilt designs. If you don't design your own quilts you'll be able to use the information to slightly rearrange the proportions in the quilt patterns you use, to create a more aesthetically pleasing quilt.

These two quilts embody Fibonacci design principles but you will design your own quilt.

Venue: Guild Office, Level 5, 276 Pitt St Sydney
Date: Saturday, 19 October, 10am - 4pm
Cost: $55

Download a workshop registration form and fax it to the office on (02) 9283 3274. Alternatively, you can telephone the office on (02) 9283 3737 to reserve your place.

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