Thursday, 16 July 2009

Art to Wear 2009 - Black & White Slideshow

Enjoy these image from Art to Wear 2009 coordinated by Maureen Locke-Maclean and Helen Lancaster featuring members of the Quilters Guild of NSW Inc. It is an exhibition of garments displaying superb technical skill and artistic merit in the form of ‘Wearable Art’ which can express all forms of surface design and textile application to give each garment the artist’s personal signature. Photography by Eardley Lancaster.

The theme for Art to Wear 2010 is "Classic Oz Rocks" with a designated palette of Ochre 70%, Teal 15% & Indigo 10% your choice 5%”. Entry is open to all individual Guild members. Download an entry form for Art to Wear 2010. Completed entry forms and associated materials must reach the Guild office by 31 December 2009.

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