Monday, 19 October 2009

Sydney Quilt Show 2010: New Special Award

As announced at the recent annual general meeting, for the Sydney Quilt Show 2010, there will be an exciting new special award - 'Best Reproduction Inspired by an Antique Quilt' with a prize of $500 jointly sponsored by Dr Annette Gero of Historic Australian Quilts & Melinda Smith of Quiltsmith. Entries that are reproductions that are inspired by Australian, American or English antique quilts are eligible for this award. If you would like your quilt to be considered for this award, please tick the relevant box on the entry form and supply supporting particulars identifying the inspiration antique quilt. You will also be required to supply an image of the antique quilt which inspired your entry quilt and from where it has been sourced.

You will find plenty of inspiration, together with patterns of 29 of the heritage quilts, in Dr Gero's book The Fabric of Society available from

Fabric of Society

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