Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Seeking descendents of Irish Immigrants who were passengers on the ship Abyssinian in 1862 .

I am from Gartan, County Donegal, Ireland. I have been asked by An Taisce, a conservation organisation, to enquire re the possibility of making a commemorative quilt to illustrate the connections between the Gartan area and Sydney. Most of the people who emigrated to Sydney on the Abyssinian in 1862 had been evicted from their homes in Gartan and this land is now in the Glenveagh National Park. Perhaps some Guild members who have Irish connections might consider being involved. As this project is only in the initial stages, I would welcome a response by email to establish contact.

Yours sincerely,
Ann Quinn
Email anncmquinn@gmail.com
Or write to Ann Quinn, Lacknacoo, Gartan, Church Hill, County Donegal, Ireland.

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