Thursday, 26 April 2012

'The Pearly Bride' *

No, NOT the title of any of the 2012 Quilt Show Entries ...

Deborah Laurie and her trusty 'Maids Of Honour' have been hard at work collating all the details of this year's 30th Anniversary entries.

All secrets are remaining 'veiled' until 13 June, however, and as with most Volunteer gigs, helping - out is always 'married' with delightful rewards.

Can you volunteer please, at this year's Sydney Quilt Show?
A number of shift times are available, with Thursday,
Friday Afternoon , Saturday and Sunday still requiring Quilters
to 'man the desk and don the gloves'

All assistance will be gratefully received and rewarded with friendship, a Volunteer Quilt Show Badge and a Catalogue.


* Nothing to stop a few Pearly People turning up at The Exhibition Dinner, however.

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