Friday, 20 July 2012

Quilt Images : Policy.

Many quilt enthusiasts visited this years Quilt Show accompanied by their camera!
The Quilters' Guild of NSW Inc. approves the desire to take photos of the exhibition for one's own records only.
There is a Photographic Policy that States :

Quilt photography is permitted for personal use only.  Images must NOT be published online or in other media unless you have the consent of the relevant quilt maker.  If you wish to photograph and publish for commercial purposes, please apply to the Membership Desk for special permission.

Many online media users (Facebook and Bloggers) are accompanying Quilt Show reports with photos of quilts plus a snap of the accompanying swing tag showing Maker's name and Quilt Inspiration / construction details alongside.
The addition of these details in another photo does not negate the policy that quilt images must not be used.
All quiltmakers must have given personal approval for any image of their quilt being journalised in any public on-line forum.

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