Tuesday, 9 October 2012

First in . . Best Dressed . . .

The Quilters Guild of NSW Inc. is fortunate to have hard working members and a committee committed to inspiring all quilters to push their boundaries with  techniques and creativity.

Workshops and guest speakers are organised well in advance, as many teachers have their schedules committed to a year and more.

Two teachers of international renown are Pam Holland and Gloria Loughman.
Pam's 'Thread Painting' W/Shop had potential attendees being listed a year ago, so it is no surprise her September w/shop was booked out months ago.
Similarly, Gloria's upcoming 19 & 20 October  W/Shop entitled 'Light up Your Landscape' is fully booked, however it never hurts to go on a "waiting list"

Recently Jenny Bacon spoke to 20 members about "What the Judges are Looking For" and a 'wait listed' member was able to participate at the last minute.

The Guild Website  and The Template (published quarterly) are the places to find workshop details. It is always prudent to book workshops early to avoid missing out on the inspiring classes that the Guild is committed to offering.

Guild Members in the Guild's Office learning some of the tips to Quilt Judging  from Jenny Bacon during her 3 hour w/shop in September. All agreed that her knowledge is priceless, as the talk was extremely informative .

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