Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Replica Frederica Josephson Coverlet

Historical Quilt : Old Government House

Visitors to Sydney and Guild members alike will be rewarded with a trip to Old Government House in January 2013

The original coverlet made by Frederica Josephson in the 1850's and the replica coverlet (affectionatly known as 'Frederica') made by the wonderful members of the Guild, will both be on display.
The two coverlets are side by side so that the authenticity of the replica can be appreciated. 

We have arranged a group visit on Wednesday, 30th January at 11.30am.
The charge is $5 per person and we will need to have final numbers by 28th January.

Please contact Sandra Lyons on 95892537 or email her at 
if you intend joining us on that day. 

Exhibited at Old Government House Parramatta until 3rd February 2013

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