Friday, 8 February 2013

Last Weeks Showcase

Lynn Hewitt, our guest 'Showcaser' last week, kept guild attendees constantly in awe during her amusing and informative trip down the memory lane of her quilting journey.

'Whirling Witchety Grubs'    Lynn Hewitt      ( Stack n Wack )  Photo thanks to Jan Foster.

With almost 500 quilts created (and many more in the cerebral pipeline), Lynn chose to bring a selection showing widely varied construction methods, differing background stories, "teaching" quilts, and several made during the workshops of other notable quilters. From painted to pieced, appliqued to embellished; Lynn has dabbled in all construction techniques, and generously divulged tips about every discovery she made along the way. She approaches her creative journey (and life) with a "can-do" philosophy, an enthusiasm that seems to rub off on all who know her.

As admitted, Lynn has a current mission to improve the standard of 'Binding' in the local quilting world. With her gentle, yet persuasive manner, it shouldn't be too onerous a task!

For those members who were unable to attend on Friday, several of Lynn's beautiful quilts will be on display in the Guild Office until the next Friday Showcase on April 5, when attendees will hear from  prize winning quiltmaker and teacher, Catherine Butterworth.

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