Friday, 29 March 2013

Quilting Success at the Royal Easter Show

The  Guild was well represented again at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
Kay Haerland won the Quilters’ Guild of NSW award for the best quilt in the show and it is displayed in the Standard of Excellence case.

The Patchwork, Applique and Quilting categories in The Arts and Crafts  Section were entered by many Guild members.
Following, is a list of some of the Results, with successful Guild members marked by an asterisk.

Bed Quilt - Hand quilted                                Miniature Quilt
1.    Jan Duddle *                                             1. Judy Day *
2.    Rae Cashman *                                         2. Colleen Harradine *
3.    Carol Leitch *                                            3. Jane Gibson*

Bed Quilt – Machine Quilted                         Junior (14 and under 20) 
1.    Jessica Sullivan                                        1. Melissa Walden *
2.    Jane Gibson *                                           2. Rebecca Walden *
3.    Pauline Augustus                                      3. Sarah Greenstein                      
HC Linda Mead                                             HC Tegan Fry
Wall Hanging – Traditional                           Wall Hanging - Innovative
1.    Judy Day *                                                 1. Kay Haerland *
2.    Faye Clark                                                  2. Jeannie Henry
3.    Pauline Augustus                                        3. Jill Rumble
                                                                      HC Evelyn Gray *

Congratulations also to our Template Editor, Wailyn Mar, who won 1st in Shortbread, 2nd with Panforte, 3rd with Damper and HC with Almond Bread in the Cookery section.  And congratulations to any other members who have had success in other sections.

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