Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Bushfire Appeal

Images of the current NSW bushfires have been saturating the worlds media, and for those who are uncertain of the locations of affected areas, then be advised that much of the devastation has occurred in the commuter belt of Sydney.
Almost everyone in Sydney knows of, or works with people who live in the active fire zones.

A massive blanket of smoke and a white-hot setting sun, over Sydney suburbs, Sunday 20th Oct 2013

The Office of the Quilters' Guild of NSW Inc has been fielding a steady stream of phone calls from concerned members wanting to "help" in any way possible.

Tracy Greenway at Winmalee is the quilter to contact directly. Her blog: cookquiltcrochet has an update about The Springwood Salvation Army Patchwork Group who are co-ordinating a Blue Mountains Quilt Appeal for those who have lost their homes in the Springwood and  Winmalee areas.

Information Day for Quilters
Thursday 24th October
10am - 12 noon
Springwood Salvation Army
15-23 Francis Road, Faulconbridge
(This venue may change, depending upon current conditions) 
There is an 'email contact' section on Tracy's blog for those who wish to contact her directly with donations of quilts. 
Please do not donate quilts directly to the Salvation Army Charity Store in Springwood.
These quilters are also wanting donations of tops and all supplies needed to make quilts. 
A list of donation suggestions is also on the blog.

Please help in any way possible. Thankyou.

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