Thursday, 28 November 2013

New Year Resolution

A challenged, yet enthusiastic group of quilters met at Epping Creative Centre this week to be inspired by the colourful, patient and comprehensive instruction of Guild Teacher, Jane Gibson.

With careful attention to fabric pattern detail, sharp cutting and piecing, and the ever encouragement from the maestro of 'Miniatures', attendees were soon overcoming their fears to produce delightful teeny tiny blocks, complete with sharp corners and submissive seams.

'Tricks' and short cuts to construction prowess were freely discussed, 'finishing' foibles were addressed,  new insights into fabric selections were gained, and the perceived horrors of bias edged miniature triangles were soon dispelled.
This was an inspiring workshop and Jane ensured everyone had fun whilst creating stunning blocks for future Miniature Quilts.

Detail - Feathered Star Miniature - Jane Gibson

Rhonda and Isabelle enjoying every moment.

Accuracy is achievable!

Catherine's magical and minuscule Log Cabin "homework" with the fabric used in construction.

And the New Year Resolution?

Join other Guild Members in 2014 for a workshop. Companionship and Creativity guaranteed. 

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