Friday, 7 March 2014

Volunteers : come and join us!

Meg and Cath . . . always smiling and so ever generous in sharing their quilting knowledge.
Meg gave many an impromptu lesson on QAYG methods, whilst Cath's forte was hexagons!

Pleasurable camaraderie abounded at the Guild's Desk during The Stitches and Craft Show at Rosehill yesterday.
There to field questions regarding membership, exhibitions and lessons, as well as talk about the exhibited travelling quilt displays : SAlt, Beautiful Australia, and the Guild's own Challenge portfolio, fellow volunteers made the day a delight to be part of. Thankyou Cath, Meg and Jessie.

Please be sure to visit Guild volunteers on the First floor at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse if visiting over the weekend.  You are bound to see smiling and helpful members sharing the love of their craft.

And, if you are tempted, sign up as a Volunteer for the Sydney Quilt Show in July. Happy times are guaranteed!

Also seen at Rosehill was Guild member Lisa Walton; Exhibitor at Dyed & Gone to Heaven. 
Lisa was just one of a number of Members working and promoting the many varied facets of the quilting industry. Say "hi" to them as well, when you visit, they love seeing a familiar face.

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Pip said...

I volunteer for 2 days at our guild show in South Australia, I really enjoy spending some time doing it and sharing our wonderful craft with others.