Friday, 11 July 2014

Eyes on the Quilt Show

Just a snapshot of some of the amazing entries at 
The Sydney Quilt Show 2014.

Detail from quilts currently on show for two more days at Glebe Island.
Can you recognise them?
All images from Top Left, clockwise.
'Chelsea'  Dorothy Clee -Hexagon Hype Challenge
'Layers of the Ocean 2'  Catherine Bremmell
'Go for the Straight-Cecily Series'  Jenny Bain
'A Day in the life of Mr Bear'  Kathy Hancock

'Splash'  Denise Sargo
'Birthday Girl'  Raelene Draheim
'Emu - "OMG"'  Ele Hockey
'Red Delicious'  Ann Archer

'Pajaro Precioso'  Joanne Simpson
'Qatar and ----Cairo'  Linda Butcher
'Through Different Eyes'  Material Girls
'Exuberance'  Judi Nikoleski

'My Mon Seul Desir'  Toni Watson
'Indian Bazaar'  Glen Waples
'Fairytale'  Merelyn Pearce
'Childhood Memories'  Eileen Campbell

'Alice'  Michelle O'Brien
'Rainbow Lorikeet'  Helen Godden
'Fairytale' Merelyn Pearce
'Unspoken'  Lorraine Carthew

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