Monday, 13 October 2014

No need to dress as Santa Claus . . .

. . . . however . .
The Committee of The Quilters Guild of NSW Inc invite all members to wear Red and White attire this Saturday at the AGM.

The whole day will be a Red and White theme, as interest mounts for the

  2015 Red and White Challenge.

This fabulous quilt is instantly recognised as one fitting into the requirements of next year's Challenge, but are those fabrics really "red"?
Peruse the following fabric samples and identify the red ones:
Made your Choice?
Actually, there is only one Red (with white or cream) fabric in the 30 examples above.
Every other fabric includes pinks, oranges, greens, yellows, blues and/or black.

Some inclusions are obvious and the fabric will never "read" as red, others, from a distance aren't so easily discerned.

Members are invited to bring their fabrics to the AGM. 
Once held up to the audience from afar, it will become more obvious which examples will fit into the following guidelines:

"Red and White - Check it Out"  White can be off-white, to cream. A wide range of reds will be accepted.
"If in Doubt - Leave it Out"  If you want to use a print with other colours it should still read as red. So if you're in doubt, leave it out.

Date : Saturday 18 October
Programme : 
                    11 am : Annual General Meeting
                      1 pm : General Meeting
Venue : "The Dome",
               Burwood RSL, 
               Shaftsbury Rd, Burwood.

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