Wednesday, 18 March 2015

March 2015 Friday Showcase Report

The 'unsung hero' of quilting is often discovered at a Friday Showcase and Jan Foster is no exception.
We all 'know' Jan, but as she lives in rural NSW, it is only her local quilt circle who may really be au fait with Jan's creative and technical finesse with a long arm. 
At the March Friday Showcase, city Members were able to observe in greater detail the superb results of Jan's meticulous and extraordinary quilting skills, accompanied by a self-deprecating, yet humorous expose of the artistic journey that has brought Jan to become a well respected and loved teacher on the Central Coast.
In short, we were all gobsmacked by Jan's beautiful quilting.
From her own whole cloth designs to 'edge-to-edge' to Custom work, Jan obviously treats each stitch in each pattern or repeat with care, and considered judgement.
Thankyou Jan, for allowing us the privilege of being able to discover, touch and appreciate your lovely creations.
The next Friday Showcase will be on Friday May 1st, in the Guild Office.
All members are welcome to attend. Entry is $5, and bringing 'your own cup' is most appreciated.

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