Monday, 11 May 2015


The Management Committee of The Quilters’ Guild of NSW were delighted with the Online Entry response from members for the upcoming Sydney Quilt Show.

So successful was the move towards “technology” that the Guild is excited to announce:

Membership application and renewals for the coming financial year can now be facilitated online.

Options for Membership :
  • Access the Guild’s website : Click on the “Membership” or “Forms” tab. The new “Online” membership form is at the top of the list
  • Print the form from the Guild’s website and post or deliver to Guild’s Office
  • Collect a printed form from May 16th Burwood General Meeting
  • Collect a printed form from The Sydney Quilt Show.
  • Contact the Guild Office and have a printed form mailed.

A big “Thanks” to those who organized this new method of membership renewal, and to those who were willing to navigate the SQS Entry Form, thus convincing Management Committee that our Guild can keep up with the times!

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