Thursday, 8 May 2008

My Place Exhibition:Call for Entries:

Australian quilt artists are invited to submit an entry into the forthcoming My Place exhibition. Entries close on 23 June. The exhibition will travel to South Africa for the South African National Quilt Festival 2008, before touring other venues in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. The quilts will be displayed at Taia Textile Gallery, Wellington during Symposium 2009 (New Zealand).

  • Entries must be 50 cms x 50 cms (square) finished.
  • Entries may be any kind of fibre art.
  • Each selected artist will provide a photograph of themselves plus a 75 word statement that describes the inspiration for their "My Place" themed piece.
  • Each piece should be sturdy enough to travel without special requirements ( pieces that havesignificant 3 dimensional features, require special hanging apparatus, or are delicate or require special handling will not be selected)
  • Entry submission will be due on 23 June 2008 ( please not Express post delivery does not operate to the organizers’ address).
  • Selected works must be delivered by 15 July 2008.
  • Artists’ whose work is selected will pay a $20 administration fee to assist with travel and
  • administration and the return of quilts.
  • The work will be available to travel for 2 years and will not be released during this period.

See the entry form or contact Dijanne Cevaal for more information.

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