Tuesday, 9 June 2009

10 Tips for Sydney Quilt Show 2009

The 27th annual members exhibition, the Sydney Quilt Show, opens tomorrow at 9am at the Exhibition Centre at Darling Harbour. We're sure you will have a fabulous time. Here are ten tips to help you get the most out of your visit:

  1. Prepare! sleep well and have a good breakfast. You will need all your energy for the big day.
  2. Dress in Layers - temperatures can vary and you want to be comfortable.
  3. Pack your camera - make sure that you have your camera along with a well-charged battery AND your memory device. You are welcome to take plenty of photos of quilts in the Guild area for your personal use only - that is viewed for your own personal pleasure. For copyright and courtesy reasons, you must NOT publish any images online or in any other media unless you have obtained permission from the relevant quiltmaker*. Anyone who wishes to publish images for commercial purposes must obtain prior consent from the Guild.
  4. Buy a catalogue - they are only $2 and you will find a useful layout diagram along with details and descriptions of all of the quilts.
  5. Meet a friend - you can share the pleasure and talk about what delights and inspires you.
  6. Cruise the market aisles - support our generous sponsors, we could not stage the show without them.
  7. Learn something new - there will be demonstrations in the Guild area throughout the show. Also demonstrations of techniques featured in the Art to Wear garments will take place daily: 10-11am, 12-1pm and 2-3pm. Kidskills activities will take place on Saturday and Sunday.
  8. Ask a question - our white glove floor monitors always welcome questions and guest exhibitor Helen Godden will be presenting a floor talk on Wednesday at 11.30am and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 3pm.
  9. Buy a raffle ticket - you might win a beautiful quilt or another fabulous prize.
  10. Be inspired - join the Guild at the membership desk, or complete a membership form, and enter your quilt(s) in Sydney Quilt Show 2010!
Sydney Quilt Show

* For more information about copyright, see the
useful information sheets on the website of the Copyright Council of Australia.

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saffroncraig.com said...

It was a brilliant show this year. I had to go twice for a full day to absorb all the wonder.