Friday, 26 June 2009

Designing Matters with Alan Tremain: 25 & 26 July

This two day workshop on 25 and 26 July 2009 at the Guild office is designed to give beginner and intermediate quilters more confidence in working with and selecting fabrics either by colour or pattern and applying them to the quilt designs they will learn to create in this workshop. Participants will bring their favourite fabrics—yes those you have ‘drooled over for years and were afraid to cut’ – along with a collection of associated colours and prints. The key fabrics will be analyzed by colour, print style and pattern repeat and we will use this newly gained information as a foundation for your quilt designs.

Participants will be introduced to graph paper design and recording principles as a means of extending their skills and documenting their quilt patterns and will be shown a simple but comprehensive system for calculating fabric quantities. During Day One, participants will ‘debunk’ their fabrics and start designing general quilt pattern layouts and move onto deciding where these fabrics will be placed in their designs. Stylizing of block structures and their supporting role in quilt design will then be introduced with guidance on how to translate your design into actual sized templates ready for cutting and assembly. As the quilt design profile grows, each step will be recorded for accurate retrieval at any point during the class or in the future. Day Two will see individual participants taking their own paths by using their new knowledge by either sampling some of the blocks they will be using in their final design or pursue further design options using graph paper and coloured pencils.

The workshop fees will be $55 per day and the class will run from 9.30 am until 3.30pm both days, tea and coffee are provided as well as use of the photocopier. Book now to reserve your place. Download booking form or contact the office on (02) 9283 3737.Full payment confirms your place in this workshop.

Quilt designed and made by Alan Tremain
Quilted by Sydney Quilt Show sponsor
Sharon French of Morning Star Quilting

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