Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sydney Quilt Show 2010: Best of Show: Kay Haerland

At this morning's awards ceremony, Bernina Best of Show 2010 was awarded to talented pictorial quiltmaker Kay Haerland for her work Under the Canopy (119 x 154 cm) :
Best of Show - Under the Canopy by Kay Haerland

Kay remarks:  There is a magic in the sun-dappled  Australian Rainforest. Life is abundant, things fluttering, buzzing, rustling, croaking, warbling, rippling and whispering just out of sight. Yet there is a stillness... A suspension  of events until you look away.

As it happens, Kay is also one of the guest exhibitors at Sydney Quilt Show 2010.  She will be presenting daily floor talks reviewing a selection of her works at 10am and 2pm. Come along and learn more about how Kay creates her wonderful quilts.

A website gallery of 2010 prize winning quilts will be available online shortly at

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