Monday, 29 April 2013

Block of the Quarter

Who doesn't love a Blue and White Scrap Quilt?
The next Block of the Quarter is a 10 inch - Irish Chain

Folk lore may be correct in asserting that Irish immigrants brought this design to the America colonies; the design becoming popular with pioneer quilters across the country.  An 'Irish chain' was a surveyors instrument, slightly larger than 10 inches. Another theory is that the pattern is an adaption of an old weaving structure. Historian Barbara Brackman states that the earliest recording of a quilt in this design is 1814.
Whatever its History, this block structure is easy for beginners as well as providing excellent blank spaces for decorative quilting.

Page 25 of February 2013 Template has the instructions for this easily rotary cut block, utilising off white with varying blue fabrics.
So, raid your stash please (who wouldn't love a new but traditional Blue and White quilt for their home), construct a block or two, and bring them to the Burwood meeting on Saturday 18 May, or post them to reach the Guild Office by 14 May.

Remember, "Winner takes all" and the drawing of the prize always provides much delight at Guild Meetings.

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