Friday, 3 May 2013

2013 Sydney Quilt Show : Volunteer Form

Come and enjoy the Sydney Quilt Show from behind the scenes!

The excitement is now mounting for all of those members who are exhibiting a quilt at this year's show.
As always, to help make this event a success, the Guild needs your help.

If you have not returned your 'Volunteer Form' with a Show Entry, then please think about filling it in now, with shift preferences for any of the five days, plus Set-up Day, of the Show.
By signing up, you can make this a less stressful time for the hard working Exhibition Committee, so please consider lending a hand for an hour or two, or more.
Various responsibilities include 'White Glove' duty, as well as selling Raffle tickets and catalogues.
Everyone makes a new friend! and by volunteering, you can become more connected to the Guild, the  members and activities.

All volunteers will receive a Volunteer 2013 Quilt Show Badge as well as a catalogue.

Please contact the Guild Office should extra forms be needed.

Volunteer Forms must be returned by the 24th May. 

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