Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Invitation to Join the Jelly Roll Race - Sydney Quilt Show

Guild members are invited to join the jelly roll race (aka 1600 Race) at the Sydney Quilt Show on Thursday through Sunday, 13-16 June. A team may consist of one up to three people. If we get a lot of interest we will try and fill teams of three. If you are interested in participating but can’t form a team, please submit your name and we will try and link you up with other enthusiastic quilters.

Each Team is to pick a Name and Colour Code for clothing.- Be Decorative and Creative.

Each Team Member to receive a free entry if required. It is hoped that you would be able to volunteer as white glove for another session of the day if possible or continue to demonstrate sewing techniques at the machines.

You may spend time preparing before the race getting to know the machine and filling bobbins. I think you should have your strip prepared, ie sewn together, to start the race and then the race should take approx 45 minutes.

Happy to have a race from scratch if this is what the teams prefer. The fabric used can be either a bought jelly roll or indeed 40 x 21/2 inch strips from your stash. You pay for the fabric yourselves but take the finished top home hopefully at the end of the show so that we can have them on display for the entire show. Does anyone have a finished jelly roll race quilt we can display?

This event is meant to be a bit of fun for both participants and spectators and not to be taken too seriously (except for safety requirements).

Any Questions or to submit a team please email Deborah Laurie,  with the details below or submit the Jelly Roll Race Application Form at the Guild Office before Friday 31 May.

  • Team Name
  • Team Colours
  • Names and telephone numbers of team members (up to 3)
  • Type of fabric use
  • Number of days need
  • Preferred days (noting any days not available)

Shifting Sands - a jelly roll race quilt by Cinzia White

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