Thursday, 19 February 2015

Feb 2015 Friday Showcase Report

Members had to almost resort to sharing chairs at  the recent February Friday Showcase, as the Guest appearance of Deborah Laurie proved to be a very popular choice of Speaker indeed!

Calmly unfolding spectacular quilt after quilt (and all only created in the past 11 years), Deborah had all attendees absolutely entranced by her neat stitching, delightful colour composition, and quilting and family anecdotes.

Deborah was extremely generous in her explanation of techniques and favourite sewing supply information. Not too many attendees have become award winners in such a short Quilting Journey as Deborah and her happy, yet modest conversational style was appreciated by everyone.
Thankyou Deborah.

Several of her quilts are now on display in the Guild Office, and will remain there until the next Friday Showcase on March 6th.  At that gathering, Jan Foster, one of the dedicated Friday Showcase Organisers and owner of redshedquilting will share her personal creative adventures.

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