Sunday, 28 June 2015

Friday Showcase: 3 July 2015: Fairholme Quilters

Make sure not to miss the Friday Showcase in the Guild office at 10am on 3 July when representatives from Fairholme Quilters will be presenting their quilts and talking about the group.

Jill O’Connor, Convenor of Fairholme Quilters explains:

Fairholme Quilters have been meeting in northern Sydney since 1984. Our membership represents a range of quilting skills, experience and styles, that are showcased every two years in a community exhibition (the next one is scheduled for 8 - 10th April 2016). We run a regular program of making quilts for a number of local community causes, and in response to emergencies, donating about 50 quilts each year. In a group so long established, friendship is an important result of regular contact and activities, and collaboration frequent.  Workshops and occasional speakers keep up us up-to-date and learning about many aspects of quilting practice both locally and more broadly. We welcome enquiries from prospective new members.
Fairholme Quilters won third prize in the Group/Collaborative category at the Sydney Quilt Show 2015 and they have many other wonderful quilts to share with you.

We welcome Guild and non-Guild members to Friday Showcase. There is a small charge of $5.00 for members and $10 for non-members.

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