Friday, 8 June 2012

Quilt Show Divas

The quilters were finished,
their fingers, quite numb,
Judges had judged
and quilts were now hung.

A soft buzz from the merchants
was all one could hear,
as Maree announced proudly
"It's our 30th Year!"

The sponsors were thanked
the excitement was clear,
With winners t'be announced,
doubtless misty, with tears.

Maree gave the mike
to those illustrious judges,
Attendees grew quiet,
but there were plenty of nudges!

Judge Number 3 said
"This year's been the best,
Your committee is tireless
New South Wales is blessed!

With Judge Number 2, we feel
we've had so much fun,
But the winners can be congratulated
by Judge Number 1"

She stepped to the dais,
Anxious entrants held their gasp,
Would't be their turn this year?
Or those winners from the past!

Two Curlewis Quilters,
their chins all a quiver,
nearly swallowed their dentures,
when announced.....'Collaborative' Winners!

Then, all but one ribbon
had been duly presented,
t'was now 'Best of Show' and
who knows what was expected?

The Show Hall fell quiet,.
everyone pricked up their ears,
Which glorious quilt's win
would cap this 'Pearly' year?

It was the most unexpected
of unexpected happenings,
The 'Best of Show' Rosette
was pinned, to loud clapping....

An 'Art' quilt Trapunto-ed
from two gals whom you know,
with seed pearls encrusted,
has won 'Best of Show' !

Good ol' Merle and Miss Shirl
already be-ribbonned
whispered "it cant be us....
the judge surely, is kidding?"

But Yes! They had Won....
Curlewis' Quilting Queens,
Their entry 'The Pearly Bride'
Hanging central to be seen.

"Magnificent", Maree cheered,
"Now let us once more clap,
such a fabulous Exhibition
from these ladies kiddies, and chaps"

So come to Darling Harbour
and attend THIS year's Quilt Show....
It's a 'Pearler' I tell you,
You've just got to go!

©  2012 Guild Blog Editor


Chookyblue...... said...

great poem........

Pip said...

Love it :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

What a fabulous poem - I love it!!!