Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sydney Quilt Show 2012 Prize Winners Gallery

Congratulations to Ming Hsu who was awarded Best of Show and first prize in the Predominantly Applique (Professional) category for her quilt Long Fong (Chinese Dragon & Phoenix).  She writes:

Since I became a quilter in Australia in 2006, I wanted to make a quilt reflecting my Taiwanese-Chinese culture. I was inspired by Chinese symbolism for wealth, good luck and prosperity, the Imperial Dragon (Long) and the Phoenix (Fong).
You can view Ming Hsu's quilt, along with images of all of the other prize winning quilts from the 30th annual members' exhibition, online in the 2012 Sydney Quilt Show Prize Winners Gallery.
Best of Show 2012:  Long Fong (Chinese Dragon & Phoenix) by Ming Hsu

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