Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Day 1: Sydney Quilt Show 2019

QuiltNSW, with support from our principal sponsors Expertise Events and BERNINA, invites you and your friends to experience the colour and excitement of Day 1 of the Sydney Quilt Show 2019 at the International Convention Centre Sydney (19 June 9am - 4.30pm). Highlights include:

  • 400+ member quilts in the main exhibition and the QuiltNSW challenge Running Away with the Amish along with the  expanded display of quilt hoops showcasing a diverse array of quilt styles
  • 11.00-12noon floor talk by special exhibitor Brenda Gael Smith
  • 12noon-1pm floor talk by special exhibitor Catherine Butterworth
  • 1pm awards ceremony and announcement of BERNINA Best of Show that will be live streamed on Facebook
  • publication of a comprehensive online gallery of prize winning quilts after the awards ceremony
  • 2.30pm: Tresillian Centenary Quilt floor talk with coordinators Cath Babidge and Julie Kennedy
  • 2.30pm Meet The Maker: Julie Adamson, Best of Australia Quilt The Apprentice.

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