Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Sydney Quilt Show 2019: Social Media & Photography

Follow the colour and excitement of the Sydney Quilt Show 2019 on social media at:

Help us promote the show by sharing the selection of Promotional Images & Buttons available for download from the QuiltNSW website.

Photography Policy Reminder

If you are attending the show, you are welcome to photograph the quilts in the show for personal use and to post images online or in social media provided you acknowledge the quiltmaker(s) and, if applicable, the designer of the quilt. It's easy to do - all the details are on the quilt tags! Many quilt labels also include social media details so that you can directly link to the maker's website, blog, Facebook or Instagram profiles.

If you share images of quilts in social media, help us generate interest in the show by tagging your photos with the key hashtags: #sydneyquiltshow, #quiltnsw  #whyiquilt and #craftandquiltfair.

Other useful hashtags include: #quiltcommunity #quiltingcommunity #quiltnswmembers #patchworkpassion #handsonquilting #sydneyquiltshow2019 #craftandquiltfairsydney

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