Tuesday, 17 July 2007

2007 Guild Scholarship Program

The Guild’s scholarship program has provision to distribute financial support to one or more members during 2007/08. A maximum of $5,000 per annum is available, to be shared between two or more successful applicants, or a maximum of $3,000 to one applicant.

Consideration will be given to submissions from individuals or groups with continuous Guild membership of at least three (3) years. Written applications need to be sent (hard copy) to the Vice President at the Guild office by 30 August 2007. Submissions must include details of the project such as:

  • goals of scholarship as it relates to applicant’s needs;
  • plan of action and steps to be taken to achieve scholarship goals;
  • time frame for completion;
  • the anticipated outcome to be achieved;
  • how applicant would contribute to members knowledge and skill;
  • details of anticipated expenses involved in completing the proposed program;
  • specific amount requested from scholarship scheme and a breakdown of how this would be used for scholarship purposes; and
  • dates when progress report, final report and receipts/expenses incurred, would be provided to the Guild.
The scholarship requires applicants to develop new skills and make a significant contribution to the members of the Guild. Whilst there are creative ways to do this, some examples are:
  • add to the general knowledge and expertise of members by giving a presentation of what you have learned;
  • compose a story for Template and delivery to members at a Burwood meeting, about their journey and learning undertaken during the scholarship program;
  • conduct a workshop teaching a particular technique to members;
  • organize a selective exhibition; and/or
  • be a guest speaker or demonstrator at a Burwood meeting.
Examples of projects that may be favourably considered by the Guild include:
  • fund materials required for a special project produced for exhibition or donated to an external community body;
  • contribute to the cost of producing a book or publication that is a component of a special project targeting the community;
  • support (wholly or partially) attendance at a specialist workshop located interstate or overseas, that is not available in a closer location. Transport costs, workshop fees and/or accommodation, may be contributed to by scholarship funding; or
  • funding country travel and accommodation expenses whilst developing community interest and expertise in quilting, as part of a non-profit making exercise.
The closing date for submissions is 30th August 2007. Announcements will be made at the AGM in October 2007 . For further information contact the Vice President through the Guild office.

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