Thursday, 12 July 2007

Block of the Quarter

Participating in the Block of the Quarter drawn at the August Guild meeting at Burwood couldn't be simpler - if you win just three sets, you'll have enough blocks for a lovely Japanese bag. All instructions are in the June issue of The Template.

Above you will see examples of the blocks (you have to make one of each ninepatch to make a set for entering the draw) and below an example of the layout of six blocks which forms the basis of the bag (shown here flat).

You'll notice that each block is composed of nine different fabrics - not two. The variety is part of the final bag's charm, so please do follow this requirement. You can use the same nine fabrics for each block (although the more the merrier - maybe it's time to do some swapping with quilter friends?), but please do have nine per block, to play fair with other participants.

At the Guild committee meeting this evening, I spotted some blocks that had already come in (you can bring them to Burwood on 18 August or post them to reach the Guild offices by 14 August). They looked yummy! Don't miss out on this BOQ, which was suggested by a Guild member (thank you!). Please feel free to send your BOQ suggestions to the Template Editor via email or snail mail.

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