Sunday, 29 July 2007

Minutes Secretary Position Description

The committee position of Minutes Secretary is CURRENTLY VACANT and must be filled at the Annual General Meeting, if not before. Please contact the President if you are interested. The role of Minutes Secretary is to:

  • collate and distribute all relevant reports and minutes to committee members before meetings in a timely manner;
  • assist President in preparing and delivering agendas prior to each meeting;
  • record minutes at committee and member meetings, listing matters which require further action and assigned respoonsibilities;
  • distribute minutes to committee prior to meetings, and to members at members meetings; and
  • make an extract of policy matters passed by the committee, showing date of meeting and decision, and maintain these extracts in a file held by the Minutes Secretary.
This position is pivotal to the committee's decision making capacity. The main function is to support committee and members with provision of clear and concise information in a timely fashion and set the committee's agenda so that essential issues are actioned by committee.

This role does require the use of e-mail and a personal computer, particularly at times prior to and after committee and member meetings. Communication with committee members accesses information about the work performed by members, thereby giving the Minutes Secretary much knowledge about the Guild's management and activites undertaken for the benefit of members. Importantly, this role assists the committee's focus on their target priorities. Whilst it is a great opportunity to learn about the Guild's role, it also allows you to get to know members more intimately.

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