Saturday, 7 July 2007

Vice President Position Description

The position of Vice President is one of several committee positions that will be vacated at the Guild's Annual General Meeting in October. Duties of the Vice President are:

  • Assist and deputise for the president when necessary
  • Arrange Workshops or Special Lectures
  • Manage the Scholarship Program
  • Compere the social part of the Guild bi-monthly meetings
  • Assist with organising country meetings
  • Help with preparation and management of the annual Quilt Show
  • Prepare reports for the Template

Outgoing Vice President, Pamela, comments as follows:

During the past 3 years I have enjoyed this role and found it immensely rewarding. Believe me, it is not as daunting as it may appear....and there is all the support available that you may feel you need.

By stepping into this position, the activities have allowed me to meet a spectrum of people in the quilting culture. Before I took on the VP role I hardly knew anyone. Now I feel lucky enough to know a large group of diversified quilters as well as those in the industry. Personally I have developed many strengths as a result of speaking to members at our bi-monthly meetings, as well as conducting workshops with local, interstate, and overseas tutors. You also get to see all the winning quilts before they are displayed at the June Show.

The two main functions of this role are the workshops and the scholarship program and the workload can be spead throughout the year, depending to some extent on your availability. Nov-Feb can be a busier time when the bulk of workshop bookings are arranged. You are in control of the work you undertake and this can be paced according to your availability.

Personal computer skills are necessary, and you would need to access a PC with internet facility either at home or the office, to conduct your duties. To express your interest or learn more about this position, please leave a message at the Guild office and Pamela will contact you.

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