Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Jelly Roll Race Winners!


The combined wisdom, speed and general mad-hattedness of The Kedumba Kuilters (otherwise known as Leisel, Wendy, Kerry and Veteran Leader- Isobel ) ensured a closely won race with the Jelly Roll.

Completing the - what was for some teams  gruelling, sew-a-thon, in only 20 minutes and 58 seconds, it was perhaps the badge inspiration, providing a psychological  advantage, that helped knock into Second Place (by only a few seconds) : The Grafton Jelly Queens, who had previously trumped those other pretenders to the throne : The President's Princesses (a *bling bling* team who had, never the less, gallantly coped with the disadvantage of being hobbled - or - nobbled, by bobbin "issues")

There are moves 'afoot' to have these three teams in a play-off Jelly Roll Race at next year's Quilt Show.

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