Thursday, 6 June 2013

Quilt Show Countdown : Floor Talks

  • "The Colours of Australia" will be a highlight at the 2013 Sydney Quilt Show.

These quilts were made for a 1995 exhibition and are now to be viewed once more.
Floor talks are to be conducted and all are invited to attend.

Dates and Times :
Wed 12th  : 1pm -   to be conducted by Dianne Finnegan
Thurs 13th : 1pm -  to be conducted by Karen Fail
Fri 14th   : 11.30am - to be conducted by Jane Gibson
Sat 15th  : 11.30 am - to be conducted by Dianne Finnegan
Sun 16th : 11.30 am - to be conducted by Jane Gibson

  • SAlt : South Australian living textiles : "The Fabric Trail"

This is a travelling exhibition created by a group of 5 South Australian contemporary Textile Artists.
They have produced 8 works each, exploring themes relating to "Journeys" and two of the artists, Julie Haddrick and Suzanne Gummow will talk about this exhibition.

Dates and Times :
Frid 14th, Sat 15th and Sun 16th : 1pm

  • Special Exhibit : Narelle Grieve's Quilts 
A wonderful display of quilts created by the late Narelle Grieve has been curated by Maree Gebhardt.
Maree will speak about Narelle's quilts at 11am each day, Thursday through to Sunday.

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