Saturday, 15 June 2013

Quilt Show 2013 Happy Snaps

There is only one day left to enjoy the visual delights of this year's Quilt Show. All attendees have been treated to an outstanding display of quilts, talks and information sessions, and quilt fun from guild members, as can be seen from the following snaps.

Suzanne Gummow and Julie Haddrick, members of SAlt, a creatively dynamic group of 5 Textile Artists, conduct daily talks about quilts made following individual explorations of  a "Journeys" theme.
Immediate Past President, Maree Gebhardt illustrating the intricacies of the phenomenal quilting skills of the late Narelle Grieve, at a retrospective special exhibit.
Dianne Finnegan conducting in fabulous knowledgable detail, a floor talk at 'Colours of Australia'. Quilts from a 1995 national touring exhibition have once again been aired,  showcasing the humour, political insights, and 'national' passions of textile artists from that era.  (Diane is pointing to flame, Ash and Embers by Barbara Macey.)

Some of the many members, including the current President Cath Babidge, who volunteer their time to instruct novices on quilt construction techniques.
Past President Lynn Hewitt proudly "White Gloving" at her grand daughter, Lauren Roach's  prize winning entry "Blue Bird" in the Junior Member (up to Year 6) section.
They may appear as friendly rivals here, but "The Senior Moments", The Lone Quilter", and "The President's Princesses" were soon competing furiously in one of the Jelly Roll Race Quilt competitions. The PP's won this particular round!

With a whole day left to "run", the 2013 Sydney Quilt Show promises to delight and inspire all who attend.
See you at Darling Harbour!

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Cinzia said...

did the President's Princess beat day 1 time trial champions the Grafton Girls?