Monday, 3 June 2013

QSG Report : May Meeting

The QSG Meeting on Sat May 12th allowed members to enjoy a most interesting and comprehensive talk from Jennifer Palmer regarding how owners can document and store, care for and conserve quilts for the best future outcome.
Provenance of a Quilt is extremely helpful for changing insurance purposes, and for the education of further owners, admirers and scholars. As has been observed by many a quilter, the history of a quilt, its creator,  fabric and design details, its "journey", offers fascinating glimpses into textile and historical past.

Jennifer shared many important contact details about conservation products and suppliers as well as valuable information about the Australian environment and appropriate pest management techniques. She also had documentation and description pointers for any quilter wishing to record their quilts, and carefully explained exactly what should be recorded and why.

Jennifer Palmer sharing quilt conservation information.

During this session, Dr Annette Gero reinforced the concept of notated quilt history, and illustrated her talk with a showing of  the Mary Moorehead hexie Quilt  circa 1880's.  Her research into fabrics has been able to collaborate or disprove oral family quilt histories. She is equally passionate about the need for the documentation of every quilt made.
Dr Annette Gero illustrating how family history is important for authentic quilt documentation.

Anne Seddon shared some family history with the quilt and story behind  her wonderful 1880's quilt, still replete with hexie papers.
Sandra Lyons introducing Anne Seddon and her family hexie quilt

Karen Fail also showed a quilt : a modern one made by Lorraine Scouler, subsequently purchased from the Scouler family after the death of this close friend. That quilt's story is included in a book, with  details now available for posterity.

A more detailed report from the QSG May meeting will be published in the next Template.

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