Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday Showcase: 6th November 2015: Cathy Jack Coupland

Colourist and artist, Cathy Jack Coupland, paints her world in stitch.  Love of country, Australian poetry, art and colour are inspirations Cathy uses in her work.
With her 'threaded brush', Cathy endows her work with texture and substance, colouring her designs with bold dimensions. Combining these inspirations produces stand-alone, original work full of exuberance.

We welcome everyone to the Friday Showcase so please come along to hear Cathy speak about these inspirations and how she's applied them in her designs.
Date :   Friday 6th November 2015
Time :  10am
Venue : Quilt NSW Head Office
              Level 5
             276 Pitt Street, Sydney
Entry : $5 (Guild member), $10 (non-Guild member)
Please bring your own mug.

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