Monday, 19 October 2015

Moving forward ……we are now ready.

Following the article “Moving Forward…..Is The Guild ready?  written by outgoing President, Linda Butcher and placed in the August 2015 issue of The Template, we have received only positive comments. 

This was reflected in the overwhelmingly affirmative vote when members were asked to pass the motion to adopt our new operating name at the AGM.

The management committee is committed to help our organisation to flourish and move forward into the future with a fresh new image. We are looking forward to increased membership, the development of new programs, more younger quilters amongst the membership and new methods of communication taking us into the 21st century.

The new name is short, easy to say and it honours the tradition of our Guild while looking to the future.
While we will be known in the future as “Quilt NSW” (the spoken version of this is “Quilt New South Wales”), we will still retain our official registered business name of “The Quilters’ Guild of NSW Inc.

Please note the logo/name as shown above is a non-professional draft copy only. A streamlined new one has been commissioned.

The change over will take a while to complete, so please adopt “Quilt NSW” as our new name straight away and you will notice the new name alongside the existing logo starting to appear over the coming months.

Amanda Daly
Quilt NSW

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