Thursday, 2 February 2017

Choosing Your Category for the Sydney Quilt Show 2017

For the Sydney Quilt Show 2017, QuiltNSW has introduced four technique-based categories for amateurs (categories 1-4)  and four technique-based categories for professionals (categories 6-9):
  • Pieced Quilt
  • Appliqué Quilt
  • Combined Pieced & Appliqué 
  • Other Techniques
Full details of these technique-based categories are set out in the Sydney Quilt Show Conditions along with details of the open categories 11-17.  Entrants in technique-based categories 1-4 and categories 4-9 may nominate their quilts for consideration for the new special awards:

The decision for the category entered is the sole responsibility of the maker/entrant. Quilts will not be moved to another category after the entry form has been processed.

Here are some illustrated examples of quilts suitable for each technique-based category along with a Flow Chart to help select the category for your entry.

Entries close on Monday 13 March 2017. Complete the Sydney Quilt Show 2017 Entry Form today and don't forget to nominate for the special awards!

Categories 1 & 6: Pieced Quilts

For predominantly pieced quilts including geometric piecing, improvisational piecing, foundation piecing and English paper piecing. (Min size 40 x 40cm / Max 290x290cm)

Categories 2 & 7: Appliqué Quilts

For predominantly appliqué quilts.  There is no set percentage for appliqué coverage.
(Min size 40 x 40cm / Max size 290 x 290cm)

Categories 3 & 8: Combined Pieced and Appliqué Quilts

For quilts that are a combination of both appliqué and piecing.
(Min size 40 x 40cm / Max size 290 x 290cm)

Categories 4 & 9: Other Techniques

For quilts where the main technique is not piecing or appliqué.  Includes wholecloth, stencilling, embroidery, crazy quilting, embellishment, painting and fabric manipulation.
Min size 40 x 40cm / Max size 290 x 290cm

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